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How to Post

To post your Keto recipe on SnapKetoRecipes, all you have to do is type it up and send it on over via email (below) and it will be posted on the blog’s front page.

Send along a Pic

Take an image of your finished recipe and make sure to include it in the email along with your recipe.

Must be Easy & Simple

As the title of SnapKetoRecipes suggests, your recipe must be easy to make and uncomplicated in general.

“Just the Recipes Maam”

No need for long, descriptive text. People just want the recipe and perhaps a few lines of text afterwards that make the recipe even more appealing.

Include a Link

If you have a website or social media profile you can include that link along with your recipe and it will be placed at the bottom of your recipe submission.

Send it In

Send it in

To submit your Keto recipe, simply type it up and Click here to EMAIL it in, (solidweightloss AT, or, you can type it up and submit it via the contact page.

Once your submission is posted, you’ll get an email with confirmation.

Questions? Simply send me an email using the above address or via the contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– SnapKetoRecipes